Inverse Condemnation

You Have A Right To Compensation For Your Property

At the Law Offices of David Ross, P.C., Attorney Ross understands the value of land in Texas. From his office in San Antonio, he fiercely defends the rights of property owners in the Lone Star State against unjust seizures and takings improperly disguised as eminent domain actions. If the government has unjustly taken ownership of your property, contact the Law Offices of David Ross, P.C., today.

Vigilant Defense Against Inverse Condemnation

Under the Texas Constitution, no one, including the government, is allowed to deprive you of your property without the due process of the law. While an eminent domain action may legally allow the government to take your property, the government is beholden to certain rules and laws that protect your rights as an American. Among those rights is your Fifth Amendment right to just and adequate compensation when the government takes your land for public use.

If the government takes your land without giving you notice or offering you fair compensation, you can file an inverse condemnation action. Examples of cases that could be eligible for inverse condemnation can include:

  • Zoning restrictions that significantly decrease the value of the property, also known as regulatory takings
  • Continued possession of the property after the expiration of a valid lease
  • Government takings that failed to follow proper eminent domain procedure
  • Unjust denial of access to property held by the property owner

Inverse condemnations are initiated by the property owner, which requires property owners to provide evidence that the government has seized land without compensation or rendered the land unusable through over-regulation. As a result, inverse condemnation cases are notoriously difficult to litigate.

At the Law Offices of David Ross, P.C., Attorney Ross understands the nuances in real estate and eminent domain laws, and he can help you determine whether or not you have a case. He fights tirelessly to defend the property rights of Texans, and he is not afraid to hold the government responsible for infringing upon your rights.

Defend Your Ownership Rights

If you believe you have an inverse condemnation or regulatory takings case, call the Law Offices of David Ross, P.C., today. Attorney Ross has more than 30 years of experience litigating these and other related issues in Texas. Call Attorney Ross in San Antonio at 210-354-4659 or email the firm to schedule an appointment.