Eminent Domain

Understand Your Rights Regarding Eminent Domain

You may be surprised to learn that the government has the legal right to either use or take possession of your land at their choosing, even here in Texas. Thanks to the Fifth Amendment, the government cannot do this without providing you with just compensation. The Texas constitution also has state laws defending the original landowner, but you will need a lawyer to ensure you are getting the best possible outcome in your eminent domain matter.

At the Law Offices of David Ross, P.C., Attorney Ross has been defending the rights of his clients for over 30 years. When government agencies or public utility companies use eminent domain to take or use your land, his goal is to make sure they pay you a fair price for it. Attorney Ross is proud to offer our clients with customer service that is both extremely timely and professional. He advises both landowners and governments in this process.

Why You Need An Attorney

You may be under the impression that you do not need an attorney in your eminent domain situation because you have the law on your side to protect your property. Just because the law says that you need to receive just compensation, however, does not mean that you will receive a fair amount.

Government agencies and utility companies may try to convince you to take an offer that is far less than the amount you deserve. When a company is using your property, they may also try to get you to assume the cost of the damage they might do during their use of the land.

Attorney Ross zealously litigates on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation that accurately reflects the value of the land or its use. He also will meticulously review every detail of your agreement to ensure that your rights are protected.

Experience Can Be Your Advantage

Attorney Ross is not afraid of taking on complex challenges on behalf of his clients. His commitment to those who need him most has earned him a reputation the firm is proud of. His work has brought his firm business from other colleagues because of the customer satisfaction Attorney Ross offers.

Attorney Ross wants to make finding the right attorney easy for you, which is why he offers free initial consultations. To schedule your consultation at San Antonio office, contact the firm by calling 210-354-4659 or by emailing the firm.