Put Your Trust In Over 30 Years Of Experience

Complicated legal problems only get worse when the attorney you choose to represent you is not prepared for the challenge ahead. For the best possible outcome in your case, you need an attorney with experience in the law and compassion for your future. Thankfully, you can get both with Attorney Ross.

Attorney Ross has over 30 years of experience in representing the needs of his clients. From the office in San Antonio, Attorney Ross takes the time necessary to understand what options his clients have, and what best suits their unique situation. The satisfaction he delivers in his work has earned the firm business from other clients and colleagues.

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Protecting Your Property And Business Interests

The areas of law Attorney Ross practices call for exceptional knowledge of the laws related to them, as well as having the skills necessary to take on the challenges of these areas. Attorney Ross can serve you in matters related to:

  • Eminent domain – When the government claims ownership or use of your property, Attorney Ross make sure you get your fair share from them.
  • Real estate law – When it comes to the purchase, sale or use of land, Attorney Ross make sure you get things done right the first time.
  • Government agencies and programs – When you encounter an issue related to a program or agency, Attorney Ross can help you with challenges involving regulation and administrative law.
  • Government contracts – When a business works with the government, you want to be sure that the contracts involved are protecting your side.

It can be hard to present your side of the case if you are not fluent in the law. Attorney Ross has been serving clients for decades. You can count on Attorney Ross to speak on your behalf to achieve your goals.

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Now is the best time to meet with a lawyer if you are facing a legal problem of any kind. You can contact the office to set up a free initial appointment with Attorney Ross by calling the firm at 210-354-4659 or emailing the firm. If you are in Bexar County or the surrounding area, reach out today for the professional and timely representation you can count on.